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Module 1


(personality, sales, leadership, service, 360 degrees). In this module you will be enabled as a manager to clearly recognize your behavioral and thought patterns (actual state) and to use them in a targeted manner (target state).

More authenticity (the other more follow you)

You bring your thinking, acting and working much more in harmony and manage to make people trusting and following you.

More power of implementation (being able to listen to yourself)

You become aware of your inner driving force (mental positioning), which shows you and helps you to bring out what you really want much easier and directly into realization.

  • Step 1: Online survey

  • Step 2: Profiling and potential analysis = evaluation of your personality profile

  • Step 3: Recommendation for action to further develop the potential, to promote one’s own authenticity and implementation strength

Module 2

Neuro-Face Reading 

In the face talents, abilities, life tasks, blockades and diseases are recognizable, which characterize the entire development of humans allowing a positive influence. In module 2 we will execute an exclusive Neuro-Face-Reading.

Being able to manage personal strengths much better

You will be able to focus better and get much better results in your actions and impact on others

  • Step 1: In a live session with the candidate, an individual Neuro-Face-Reading – by sight and hearing – is read

  • Step 2: Creating the individual New Face-Reading Report

  • Step 3: A general recommendation for action based on the principle “Strengthen strengths

Module 3

Black Box – unblocked

Blackboxing identifies fundamental, disruptive patterns of thought that run in the background and systematically dissolves them once and for all.

You break out of the percieved treadmill permanently.

You overcome possible conflicts of values and the feeling of inner emptiness and find your self-identification within the highest achievement on other people`s impact.

You find your way back to yourself and get from reacting to acting – can instead of  must, or self-determined instead of foreign determined

  • Step 1: Record analysis conversation, report, words and beliefs

  • Step 2: Identify and evaluate disturbing or dormant thought patterns

  • Step 3: Dissolving negative thought patterns and transforming them by developing new beliefs

    After the session

  • Step 4: Internalize the new dogma by repeating it 3 times a day for 2 weeks

Module 4


In this module you will receive a clear “instruction manual” on how people react to words. This enables you to evaluate without judgement and to react flexibly to what is said – instead of reacting emotionally and with effects.

Applicable in: conversations with employees, superiors, customers (sales conversations), friends and partners as well as in written form, such as e-mails, offers, brochures, texts etc.

You can hear where the other person is and can therefore respond in a targeted manner and thus better assess, motivate and inspire them.

You feel much less offended and pressured by the words of others, which helps you to maintain balance and not lose countenance through possible emotional overreactions

You manage to avoid conflicts in discussions with controversial opinions and therefore steer much better to the essentials on the factual level, which is essential for the joint achievement of objectives

  • 3 months of mentoring with weekly sparring and mentoring sessions

  • 24/7 messenger support in case of “communication emergencies” (e.g. after / before meetings and difficult employee or customer discussions)

  • Provision of an individual “vocabulary book” for neuro-communication, in order to get security in conversations.


In our Sparring Program for Human Transformation, we support you actively in your everyday life and deepen the contents of the modules worked through in the setup – so that you not only achieve short-term results, but you experience a sustainable, positive transformation of your skills to the next level.

Life and process accompanying.

Summary of the content areas (based on the 3 modules)

Running times:

3.6 and 12 months, starting with 3 months (test sparring)

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