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Module 1

Neuro mission statement for teams and companies

With the neuro mission statement we bring your company values, based on the perception of people (teams/leadership), in your company clearly and precisely to the point and transform them into a type-appropriate vision that achieves real effectiveness instead of just being an empty shell – a “nice slogan”.


Your employees are enabled to activate the entrepreneurial spirit – from employee to co-entrepreneur. This in turn promotes independent and customer-oriented thinking, as well as acting in your teams. What ensures you a massive competitive and innovative advantage


You manage to win the hearts of your target group, customers and employees more easily or to get their attention (target group ownership) and attract exactly those people who identify 100% with your corporate values

  • Collecting the values from the employees through an online questionnaire based on multiple choice

  • Efficiently apply the top-down method without binding the entire workforce, and in discussions with the management, name and specify the values

  • New and innovative: employees/customers in the language of the brain, on the basis of the effective written questioning, where thinking is seized and on the basis which the evaluation is uncomplicated, by interpreting the taken up values mentally

  • The ASWK method (analysis of systemic complexity), is used as a scan for type-appropriate word choice, which is our secret recipe for success in the following

Module 2

Neuro-Profiling for departments or as a rollout for the entire organization

In this module, you as an executive/member of the management team will be enabled to clearly recognize which real, (hidden) challenges – the root – are always holding you back in reaching your KPI’s.

The focus is on the holistic (systemic) approach rather than just the current, situational perception. To the motto: from emotional pigeonhole thinking to free, networked thinking.

(Applicable in the field of corporate management/team leadership, sales and service)

Save time and nerves

You gain clarity and transparency according to your needs to turn the screws so that you can trigger a “solution domino effect”, which resolves conflicts in a targeted manner and without scattering losses, “like acupuncture in medicine – here the “acupuncture in your organization”, so that you save time and nerves in achieving your KPIs

Recognize personality types

You record very effectively and efficiently which personality types in your company are in which positions and to what extent they use their potential or leave it unused

  • Step 1: Online survey
  • Step 2: Profiling and potential analysis = evaluation of the online survey
  • Step 3: Providing a meaningful handouts



Personal action recommendation for conflict resolution (also selectively for individuals or teams) according to the “solution domino effect” to facilitate the achievement of KPIs

Module 3


With our ASWK method, we bring the job description into an attractive job profile that not only contains factual elements, but also picks up, activates and inspires the applicant 100%, also on an emotional level.

The job ad is much more visible and effective. It stands out of  the masses positively and triggers the aha-effect with A-candidates

The job advertisement attracts the right applicants, who fit the corporate culture, through a type-appropriate wording, which saves you time and money in the selection process

  • Screening with the employer. Definition of the dream candidate

  • Creating an avatar

  • Implementation of a type-appropriate job profile

Module 4

Neuro-Word & Face Reading for applicants (HR) and negotiation partners (sales)

In the face and in the words talents, abilities, life tasks, motives and visions are recognizable, which mark the entire development of humans and permit to take a positively influence. In module 2 we run a Neuro- Word & Face-Reading with your applicants (HR) or selected negotiation partners in Sales.

With our service you will be able to immediately assess your negotiating partner or applicant correctly. This helps you to avoid expensive wrong decisions

  • Step 1: In a live session with the applicant/negotiation partner or via a photo/video, an individual Neuro Word & Face-Reading is read out

  • Step 2: Creation of the individual report

  • Step 3: A general recommendation for action based on the principle of “Strengthening strengths” is given

Module 5

Neuro-Face Reading with others

In the face talents, abilities, life tasks, blockades and diseases are recognizable, which characterize the entire development of humans and allow to have a positive influence on it. In module 2 we carry out a Neuro-Face-Reading for you and / or persons selected by you (potential new employees)

Neuro-Face-Reading with others

Like in chess, recognize motives and driving forces in others – especially negotiating partners new and potential top performers (employees)

This enables you to make the right decisions to ensure that your organization grows in a sustainable and controlled way. You will be spared financial risks due to wrong decisions and actions

  • Step 1: In a live session with the candidate, an individual neuro-face reading – by sight and hearing – is read out

  • Step 2: Creation of the individual neuro-face-reading report

  • Step 3: A general recommendation for action is given, in dealing with the respective dialogue partner


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